A moment with Moses Rockwell

I’ve decided to keep this introduction short because there is not enough words to say about this gentleman right here. We’ve known each other since knee high and that person I refer to as my “brother”, yeah thats this guy. Moses Rockwell; the rapping comedy embedded word wizard. From pushing kids around in the sandbox in elementary, to reciting raps over the middle school lunch tables, all the way to the many stages he sets aflame now. I have watched him grow as a musician in such a way some others couldn’t even fathom. I am privileged to be apart of the process and overall I am super proud of this man, Moses Rockwell. Ladies and gents, I implore you… yet another, A moment with…

•       Who are some of your main influences?

I think the artists that I was introduced to early on that were sort-of going out of their way to be honest and original are my biggest influences. Like The Pharcyde because they weren’t trying to be ultra-tough or cool. It’s really uncommon to hear anything self deprecating in hiphop. Aesop is another. Aside from being super well-read and lyrical he’s really upfront about his short comings and insecurities. I don’t know, thats the kind of shit that gets me excited to make music. I really love The Roots, Busdriver and Homeboy Sandman too.

•       When writing a song, where do you like to take the listener?

I think it all depends where I’m at in the given moment. Emotionally. If I’m feeling energetic or I’m juiced up on a funny thing I’d recently read I’m just trying take what I get from that and share it from my own perspective. If I’m feeling crappy or bummed out (which is often) I might write something eluding to that. I think writing is a way to force others to feel your pain. Which isn’t always a bad thing if you’re a decent song writer. Elliot Smith was awesome and a huge bummer. Who doesn’t love that guy?
•       For those who don't know, how long have you been writing lyrics?

I think i wrote my first rap when I was 10. I’m 27 now. Which is honestly kind of embarrassing to acknowledge. People become brain surgeons in less time than that. What am I doing with my life, man?
•       Is comedy a heavy influence? Who are your top comedians?

I’m pretty much batship-insanely obsessed with comedy. I always have been. When they’d ask us in school to write about our dream jobs I’d always go with “Comedian”. Maybe in the next life.

I really love Patton Oswaltt. Maria Bamford. Pete Holmes. Eugene Mirman. Hannibal’s awesome too. Kumail Nanjiani. There’s so many.
•       What or who motivates you on a daily basis?

Coffee and podcasts. Without those I’d never get out of my bed.

•       Where do you want to take your career? Ex: When it's all said and done, did you accomplish what you set out to do?

I would be perfectly content with, by the end of my musical career, having made at least one notable hip-hop album that stuck around forever. Even if we crank out a thousand cult-classicy things in the meantime. If i could be responsible for one thing that is sacredly undeniable and could serve as a generational safe-place (like Illmatic or Below The Heavens) that would be more than enough and my time as a unappreciated working class rap dude would have not been spent in vein.
•       Film or digital?

I’ll say film. I used to work in a photo lab. It was really dope to see people drop off their rolls of 35mm and literally lose their shit over how they come out. You lose that with digital. I also favor the over all look of it. The colors and textures are just more pleasing to my eyes.