A moment with Kza K' Lee

This is Kza K' Lee, a bright artist from Rochester, NY who I met about a year back from being around venues at the same time and of course the help from social media. At the time, he knew me more for my beats and not so much for my photography; but when we finally made time to link up and build on the music tip I was astonished by his drive and creativeness! Not only did he rap in the same vein as someone who could be considered Wu tang's long lost member, but he created these soundscapes that intrigued me and really drew me in. Hard hitting drums reminiscent of the golden era of the nineties, and tracks that had a hop and bass pattern that would peak the interest of any considered trap artist, a combination of versatility that gives him the blank canvas to lay his paint upon. Not only have I had the luxury of co-producing a few tracks with the young guru, but I have had the pleasure of sitting down with him during the process to discuss for a moment and capture the magic in the making with my lens...

•Who are some of your musical influences?

I'm mostly inspired by my friends. My friends are mad scientists with the music. My NFO family. Uncooked Goods family, Homeless! Their talent pushes me to do even more crazier shit. But to give you a more general idea of who I listen to I'd say John Coltrane, Ahmad Jamal, Wu-Tang, DMX, Ryu Suzuki, Madlib... The list is endless.

•On a regular day, what motivates you to create?

I always want to get better at producing. I always push myself to say more slick shit in my raps. I often think about the day when I'm finally able to sit and chill with the wife and kids and think about all of the music I churned out in my entire career. I want to be able to reflect and look back on myself and smile knowing that I killed shit. 

•Who inspires you the most? 


•If you had to choose 2 artists to lock yourself in a room full of production gear with, who would they be? 

RZA and Kamasi Washington. So many people came to mind but I think that the three of us would create a nuke. Yep.

•Describe your process without giving away any secrets...

Wake up. Clean up. Burn some Black Love. Listen to some records. CHOP!

•Do you find bliss in rapping or producing more? Or maybe both? 

My first love is writing so i'll always find bliss in that. The production brings it to a whole new realm. I started producing because people would give me the run around when it came to getting beats. Plus its only so long you can go rapping over industry joints, ha! So yeah, i'd say both.

•Share your thoughts on beats or anything music related...

i'm working on an album. It's gonna be tight.

•Shout outs...

Imma keep it simple. S/O to God. We have the ILLEST relationship. And to all my loved ones, I got'chu. I promise.

•Film or digital? Both? 

Son, if I could have all my music videos look like the movies made in the 90's Like with all of the natural grain but suuuuper clean!.. Quality wise!? Like.. Film bro.. Film. Haha!


Ladies and Gents this is "Flower City Frieza Pt. II : Welcome to Oblivion" By Kza K' Lee